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Here at The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of West Pasco, we dedicate our resources to finding every animal that reaches our shelter a forever home.  

With partnerships developed with more than 1,800 animal welfare groups in the United States and Canada, SPCA Suncoast presents petango.com, which is the first adoptable pet search website devoted exclusively to providing real-time updates for the status of adoptable pets in shelters located throughout North America.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the well-being of highly vulnerable animals that otherwise would have to live on the streets. We strive to make sure every animal that temporarily lives at one of our sanctioned shelters has a safe and clean place to play, eat, and sleep. Our experienced and compassionate team of staff and volunteers will provide the attention our animals need.

We stand against violence, hatred, and brutality in all forms, whether toward animals or humans.

Pet adoption represents the foundation of our operating model. We ensure every pet that we put up for adoption has received a comprehensive health examination, as well as has completed the shot regimen required to live a healthy lifestyle. Our interactive website allows you to scroll through the photos of the cats and dogs up for adoption, as well as ask questions concerning topics such as breed characteristics and how to groom a certain type of cat or dog.

Compassion places a huge role in encouraging people to surrender their pets. We understand life circumstances can change like a flip of a switch. Perhaps your family has recently gone through a period of financial distress that makes caring for a pet cost-prohibitive. Maybe your idea of taking care of a pet has not met your expectations. Whatever the reason, the SPCA does not judge anyone who needs to surrender a pet. We accept all pets with open arms to place them eventually up for adoption or provide a temporary foster home.

SPCA-sanctioned shelters go well beyond the ordinary services provided by other shelters. Our microchipping service provides pet owners with peace of mind knowing that even if their pet gets lost, microchip technology instantly tracks down the lost pet for rescue. A microchip represents a radio-frequency identification transponder that transmits a unique identification number. About the size of a grain of rice, we implant a microchip under the skin during a pain-free process. Once a lost pet reaches a vet’s office or a rescue shelter, the microchip gets scanned to trigger the retrieval of the pet’s ID number.

Microchipping Service

Pet fostering allows a pet to transition from a shelter to permanent housing. Foster parents provide everything an animal needs while one of our network shelters works hard to find the pet a forever home. Our pet fostering program frees up living spaces for animals that have just reached us for immediate care. Fostering is an especially important service in the aftermath of a natural disaster or when a member of the military is deployed for months-long active duty.